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Beautiful Aviation Jewelry Gifts for Pilots

A passion for aviation, combined with my jewelry craftsmanship, made an aviation theme jewelry line seem like a natural progression.

I am obsessed with every type of plane, and you will see this reflected in my wide range of jewelry pieces. Whether it is a prop plane or vintage plane, I find the interesting cylindrical shape lends itself nicely to create an intriguing pair of cufflinks or a whimsical pendant necklace.

My jewelry design style has always been to add those same elements you would find in an airplane to my pieces. For example, my signature brushing of the silver to create texture, much like the texture found in the steel of a plane that has logged thousands of miles. Or the intricate carvings and attention to detail that makes a piece not only interesting to the touch but also to the eye.

Another reason for my love of airplanes is the freedom they represent, another element I try to incorporate in my jewelry. Men who wear my aviation jewelry are showing that they are also thrill seekers, adventurers, maybe even a bit of a nomad. Curious about the world and not interested in staying in just one place. This is the spirit I try to capture in each piece.

And it is not just about the plane itself. Sometimes I will focus creating a jewelry piece based on the propeller or the wings or the engines or the gears. Each plane component is an architectural masterpiece on its own, so its beauty should also be showcased.

So if you are searching for that perfect gift for a pilot, flight student, aviation school graduate, flight attendant or just an enthusiast like myself, you are sure to find a piece in my high end aviation jewelry collection that they will treasure for a lifetime.



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