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Surprise Your Favorite Pilot with Unconventional Gifts for Pilots

Who doesn’t love a surprise? And if he’s a true Maverick, the favorite pilot in your life will also love receiving an unconventional gift! At TomerM Jewelry, we specialize in high end jewelry that is also slightly out of the ordinary, and our aviation jewelry line is particularly daring.

Featuring every type of plane, from vintage to fighter to glider, as well as even the parts of the plane, I have always been fascinated by an airplane’s architectural beauty. I pour this creativity into my pieces for jewelry that is atypical but authentic.

No matter what the occasion it is that you need a gift for – Father’s Day, Christmas, graduation, birthday, anniversary or wedding – we have you covered with unique pieces designed in both solid sterling silver and 14 karat gold. Below I have selected several potential gift ideas for the pilots that are definitely avant-garde.

Unconventional Gifts for Pilots

Gifts for Pilots

How cool is this handcrafted ring that looks like a flight aviator’s cap? Made of 925 sterling silver with engraved letters, the band tapers in the back for comfort. This ring is my original design and will definitely be a gift he won’t find anywhere else!

Gifts for Pilots

If you’re looking for a truly unconventional gift, this airplane pendant necklace features a replica of an F-35 Fighter Jet, beautifully molded and shaped to show every line and edge. Super fun for any top gun fanatic you know, it’s daring and a little quirky, but flawlessly made and assiduous when it comes to ensuring genuine detailing.

Gifts for Pilots

I loved designing this bracelet because by making it one solid piece, I could simulate the plane to look like it’s in flight. The front of the aircrafts seamlessly melds into the bar for a slightly abstract look that is sure to get a second look. Skillfully handmade from 925 sterling silver with my trademark silver brushing and black oxide finish, this distinctive bracelet makes a minimalist and sleek statement.

Gifts for Pilots

If he gravitates more towards the mechanics of the plane, he will find these jet turbine cufflinks particularly interesting. Definitely an unusual choice, I just really saw the beauty in the turbines’ unique geometric design. These make a great gift not just for a pilot but also a plane mechanic.

Gifts for Pilots

The linear shape of the propeller makes it ideal to take advantage of the slim lines of a tie bar. An unconventional gift that will have people doing a double take, it’s a true quality piece crafted from solid 925 sterling silver with a black oxide finish.

If you’re looking for a specific type of plane to gift, I can custom design it for you for any type of jewelry piece – just inquire to discuss!

I hope you enjoyed hearing about my selection of unconventional gifts to surprise your favorite pilot. Be sure to check out my store to see my entire aviation jewelry line.

Thanks so much for visiting TomerM Jewelry. Be sure to read more on our blog and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.



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