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airplane lovers - About Tomer Matityahu

Meet the Designer

I’m Tomer Matityahu (Tomer M) and welcome to my online store featuring my exclusive jewelry line.

Since childhood, I was fascinated by airplanes, these magical, amazing flying machines. And it didn’t matter what type, be it a prop plane, vintage plane, helicopter or jet, I absorb the beauty and architectural nature of every component. From the wings to the propeller to the engine, each aspect provides the inspiration to create an intriguing pair of cufflinks or a whimsical pendant necklace.


A lot of my aviation collection focuses on solid sterling silver pieces, which I give my distinct technique of brushing and oxidizing to mimic the weathered exterior of a plane metal that has logged thousands of miles. At the same time, the gleaming gold pieces in the collection are reminiscent of the gilded buttons and stripes on a pilot’s uniform jacket. 


My other jewelry pieces are just as compelling. From a menacing sword to a fierce lion head, a hallowed out skull or weathered coin, I love to create exquisite detail, texture and a little drama in every necklace, bracelet, ring, cufflink and lapel pin that I create. 


I hope you love my entire collection, for yourself and possibly others in your life who would enjoy wearing one of my timeless creations. 

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