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How to Wear Cufflinks: 5 Stylish Ideas

Cufflinks have been a classic men’s accessory since the end of the 18th century. While many men tend to wear them mostly for weddings or other formal occasions, the truth is they can add a bit of contemporary style to your everyday wardrobe. Therefore, consider these five options for How to Wear Cufflinks below.

Wear Cufflinks These 5 Ways

1. If you are in a playful mood, wear our Sterling Silver Rhino Cufflinks with a white shirt and crew neck sweater. Just push the sweater sleeves up slightly to expose the cufflinks. They are sure to get people talking!

2. If you are a pilot or flight attendant, add a little oomph to your uniform with our

Sterling Silver Airplane Cufflinks. The matte silver finish keeps them a subtle accent that will not over power your uniform. But if you want to match your uniform’s gold buttons, go for the 24K Gold Airplane Cufflinks.

3. Maybe you are heading off to Vegas for a fun boy’s weekend. With your sports blazer and tie-less, open shirt, add our playing card inspired Sterling Silver Spade and Diamond Cufflinks for a little panache.

Who knows, they might bring you a little extra luck!

4. Friends have invited you on their boat. You decide to wear jeans and a long sleeve gingham shirt, so adding our Sterling Silver Nautical Anchor Cufflinks to the cuffs gives a cool nod to the sea. Alternatively our Sterling Silver Lobster Claw Cufflinks would also be a fun choice.

5. You have an important business meeting with a new client. You want to show you are a man of style and elegance. Therefore, our Sterling Silver Black Onyx Gemstone Cufflinks are a bold choice that will make a big impression to any suit you are wearing.

You can see the many ways that cufflinks can add style, fun, elegance and whimsy to what you wear every day. So don’t just save them for those formal occasions, break them out for each day of the week.

Every piece in my TomerM Jewelry Collection is flawlessly handcrafted with an incredible attention to detail. My Aviation Jewelry Line alone features over 70 aviation inspired pieces including necklaces, bracelets, tie clips, cufflinks and rings.


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