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Aviation & Travel Inspired Mother’s Day Gifts for 2021

There is just something about an airplane that creates a feeling of excitement and adventure. Maybe because it represents freedom and really awakens the wanderlust in all of us.

After a long year of not being able to travel, the plane has become even more significant. It can now represent dreams, goals, personal achievements, reconnecting with love ones and even just positive vibes that better times are on their way.

Therefore, this Mother’s Day, if you are looking for a truly unique gift for mom, any piece from my aviation jewelry collection is sure to please her!

Maybe your mom is a pilot or flight attendant, or she is in the air force, or she is an avid plane lover, or she just loves to travel and is hoping to take off on a great globetrotting adventure in the next year. This is what makes aviation jewelry so much fun.

Airplane Rings

My 14k Gold Airplane Ring makes a perfect gift for any of these types of moms, as it is wonderfully simple and minimalist, and made in a way that it adjusts to any finger size. Plus, it is great for those on a budget. However, if you wish to spend a little more on mom this year, my 14K Gold Aviation Ring is sleek and chic with its round airplane signet, and I can make it to order in her exact ring size.

Airplane Necklaces

Maybe you want to personalize your gift for mom a bit more? Then my 14K Gold Airplane Pendant Necklace with Birthstone Charm is a great gift idea, for not only Mother’s Day, but also for her birthday, as it features a high quality gemstone dangling alongside the intricately detailed plane pendant.

If mom has a quirky side, my 14K Gold Airplane Propeller Necklace makes quite the statement, with a plane propeller in a beautiful matte gold finish and hanging from a richly textured matching gold rope chain.

Plus, you can easily create cool layering looks with any of my airplane necklaces alongside my other TomerM chains as well.

Airplane Earrings

If mom just wants to make a subtle statement, my 14K Gold Airplane Stud Earrings are elegant, understated and dainty. They are comfortable enough to wear all day, and stylish enough to wear anywhere.

If a dangle earring is more Mom’s style, I have that design covered as well with my 14K Gold Drop Earrings. The refined movement of the plane makes it feel like it is in flight!

Airplane Bracelets

If mom is ultra-feminine, she might like a more delicate and graceful jewelry piece. My 14K Gold Chain Bracelet with Airplane Charm is exquisite as the airplane charm is anchored by an elegant and dainty matching gold chain, that she can easily stack with other bracelets of mine for a really fashionable look.

All of my airplane jewelry is also available in 925 Sterling Silver in addition to the 14K gold pieces shown here. Plus, depending on the piece, I can engrave a name, date or message of your choice! Any of these pieces really would make a fantastic gift for mom this year, and help her dream of new adventures.

Wishing all moms out there a wonderful Mother’s Day!



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