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5 Awesome Gifts for Pilots


5 awesome gifts for pilots.

Are you’re looking for a truly awesome gift for the pilot in your life?

Therefore, in honor of International Pilot Day on April 26th, and since I am the biggest aviation fan, I thought I would highlight some of my favorite gifts for pilots. Take my word for it, they will want any of these items!

airplane jewelry


Airplane Bracelet

I personally love historical planes, so what pilot wouldn’t love a classic airplane chain bracelet that features an actual replica of a WWII plane used in the Battle of the Midway. This is really a great gift idea for pilots who really appreciate planes of the past and are fascinated by war nostalgia. They won’t really see it as jewelry, but more like they are wearing a piece of memorabilia.

airplane jewelry


Pilot Watch

I highly recommend the Breitling Navitimer B03 Chronograph Rattrapante pilot watch watch as a gift for a pilot because it has all the geeky gadgets and functions that pilots are used to. My favorite feature of this watch is that one of the hands can be stopped to measure an intermediate/split time, something all pilots would find very cool.


Airplane Tie Clip

If you want to get him a small but luxurious gift, this 14K gold airplane tie clip is perfect. I really like it because it is great to wear off duty when they want to just give a subtle nod to their aviation status.


Aviator Sunglasses

Every pilot needs a pair of cool aviators, and Ray Ban is always one of my go-to brands to turn to. Their

aviator sunglasses are one of my personal favs, as they feature an oversized aviator frame, and I like how the army green lens gives it a sporty retro look.


Airplane Necklace

When you want to give him a more casual jewelry gift, this minimalist airplane necklace is a top choice of mine. I love that it features a vintage plane with so much impressive detailing you can’t help but still and study it when you are not wearing it. Makes a fascinating gift!

So surprise the pilots or new aviation school grads in your life with any of these amazing products for a gift that is sure to please. Feel free to also pursue my Aviation Jewelry Collection for more ideas.




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